Nice People Finish Last

Nice people don’t have to be foolish – Finally gaining well-earned respect and success

Is it possible to be too nice? Bestselling author Martin Wehrle answers this question with a resounding «Yes». He shows why nice people are so often undervalued and taken advantage of – and how they can set clear boundaries and lay the groundwork for success. He guides nice people on the path to greater self-confidence, increased authenticity, and success. Those who are able to set boundaries and stand up for their own needs will not only be taken more seriously by others, but will also increase their self-respect.

For all nice people who want to continue to be nice, but no longer to simply everyone, this is how to achieve your goals – the friendly way!

• For all who want to set boundaries and no longer be taken advantage of

• Martin Wehrle shows how one can become successful in a friendly way