It’s not true buy I belive it

Nearly all stories hide a lie.

There are, however, lies that can generate hatred and that we have to defend ourselves from.

This is the case with “fake news” which promulgates insidious lies that can seem seductive and hence are very dangerous. If they are not unmasked they can modify our habits, upend our projects and even undermine our deepest convictions.

From The Medicine Show of the Far West to behavioral adds on the web, from Nazi propaganda to chains on social media, this book delves into truth and lies in an attempt to help young readers how to navigate the web. And, with any luck, to improve it.
The Loch Ness Monster, chemical traces, corn circles… in a world in which communication is immediate and largely unchecked there is an increasing need to highlight fake news that can lead to prejudice.

These are stories that separate the true from the false and show how to distinguish TRUTH from LIES
Fake means everything that should NOT make the news.