Escaping fatigue in a healthy way

A fresh start, new energy and a healthier life!

Tiredness, just like hunger and thirst, is a bodily function which keeps us alive and safe from fatigue and exhaustion. But when sleep is no longer a restorative, we experience a different kind of tiredness. One that makes us feel ill and the roots of which we are often unable to identify.

Anne Fleck, M.D., closely examines the secret causes for constant fatigue: undetected infections or metabolic dysfunctions, food intolerances, cell diseases or environmental pollutants can sap our strength.

She explains how to strengthen cellular and organ functions, how to detox correctly, reduce stress and use nature’s powers to gain new joy in life.

· Why lipstick makes you tired, café latte lets you fall asleep and why parking permits are exhausting

· Anne Fleck unmasks the hidden energy drainers and shows a way to a more wakeful and healthier life

· The first comprehensive fact book on fatigue

· Spiegel-bestselling author (over 1 million copies sold)

 „I want to achieve the best health possible for everyone – to secure high quality of life in the long term. In this process, esteem and respect for each person have utmost priority.“ Anne Fleck