The colorful farm

Where is the difference?

Well, something’s not right on this farm … Cows don’t have coloured spots. And there really is a horse hiding among all the donkeys!
Can you find out where mistakes have crept in everywhere?

With Nastja Holtfreter’s cardboard picture books for searching and finding, concentration can be trained and encouraged in a playful way. With modern illustrations about the farm!

From the series “The Colourful World”

Something isn’t right here – strange creatures and objects keep appearing in the forest and the sea; in the mountains and the meadow; in the savannah, in fairytales, and in primeval times. Seahorses don’t have four legs, do they? Aren’t racoons’ tails supposed to be striped, not spotted? And isn’t one of the excavators looking a bit off? It’s up to the little observer to find all the mistakes. There’s a different puzzle to solve and something to learn about nature and everyday life on every page.
Imaginative non-fiction books for the youngest readers, enabling them to discover the world in a playful way.