Global History for Young Female Readers

Did you know that the modern era did not just begin with Leonardo da Vinci and Luther, but with Christine de Pizan and Isabella of Castile as well? It is high time to add the forgotten heroines to the world history. This book narrates the history of the world with emphasis on female protagonists. Ideal for teens and young adults, male or female.
The two authors have written a global history where girls and women take center stage. Not just the famous ones such as the Egyptian pharaoh Hatschepsut, who reigned with an artificial beard for twenty years, or the beautiful Kleopatra, the vicious Messalina, the brave Jeanne d’Arc and the notorious Lucrezia Borge but also less famous characters such as the Chinese emperess Wu Zetia, who spread Buddhism through China, the Byzantine emperess Theodora, originally a circus artist, or Mathilde of Canossa, one of the most powerful women in the Middle Ages, are found in this book.