El manual del bicarbonato de sodio

Un remedio para casi todo: más de 250 aplicaciones para el polivalente ecológico en el hogar, la cocina, el baño y el jardín.

As a non-toxic, sustainable alternative, the universal household remedy sodium bicarbonate easily replaces numerous special products in the household, kitchen, bathroom, washing and garden. It costs only a fraction of the usual products, is effective and leaves no environmentally harmful residues – many good reasons why no household should be without baking soda!

Good for your health: Thanks to baking soda, you can banish numerous questionable substances in deodorant, shower gel, hair shampoo, etc. from your household and replace them with a harmless, yet equally effective alternative.

Good for the environment: Homemade alternatives with baking soda not only save a lot of packaging waste and chemicals, but they are also completely harmless to the environment.

Good for the household budget: forget about expensive specialty products for every problem, because the much cheaper baking soda makes most of them unnecessary.

Good for you: Making household helpers yourself with baking soda is fun, stimulates creativity, boosts self-confidence, and also makes you a bit more independent.