DIY, don’t buy – Piel y cabello

137 recetas de productos de cuidado natural que ahorran dinero y protegen el medio ambiente

For almost every part of the body, you can find whole racks of shelves full of specialized cleaning and care products in drugstores and supermarkets. But what is hidden in the spray cans, plastic tubes, and bottles, coded in long lists of ingredients? In the majority of products, it is predominantly synthetic ingredients, often based on mineral oils, which are suspected of causing dependency symptoms and triggering allergies, cancer and other diseases. In addition, the flood of specialized finished products causes a huge amount of packaging waste. However, most of them can be replaced very easily with sustainable, homemade alternatives. With healthy, often even edible ingredients, you can prepare shampoo, toothpaste, ointments, deodorant, and much more yourself in a short time. Get inspired and make your life a little more sustainable too! That’s why it’s worth it to stop buying all these things and make them yourself:

Good for your health: instead of unhealthy and artificial ingredients, homemade alternatives contain natural ingredients that help your body return to a healthy balance.

Good for the environment: Do-it-yourself saves a lot of plastic and other packaging waste. Plus, you can use local, renewable ingredients for many recipes.

Good for the budget: Homemade alternatives are almost always significantly cheaper.

Good for you: DIY is fun, stimulates creativity, boosts self-confidence, and also makes you a bit more independent.