DIY, don’t buy – cocina vegana

123 alternativas veganas: más saludables y sostenibles sin productos precocinados

Cook vegan without lifestyle ready-made products: If you’ve been put off by the typical vegan substitutes in the supermarket, we’d like to invite you to try the much better homemade alternatives in this book.
That’s why it’s worth making your own vegan alternatives to cheese, mayo, burger patties and more quite easily:

Renounce animal ingredients, but not pleasure: Who would like to nourish oneself more often with vegetables, does not need to renounce for a long time hearty flavors of cheese, Burgern, sausage & CO.

Cooking vegan without finished products: Forget about vegan lifestyle ready-made products in plastic packaging, because almost all plant-based alternatives to typical animal foods can simply be made yourself.

There is much more than soy and tofu: varied, substantial and healthy dishes also succeed with numerous soy alternatives such as chickpeas, beans, seeds and nuts.

Do-it-yourself saves money and is fun: Homemade alternatives are almost always significantly cheaper than ready-made products and can also be individually adapted to your own taste.