Plastic Savings Book

More than 300 sustainable alternatives and ideas to help us escape the plastic flood

Plastic waste, which accumulates to millions of tons in the environment, is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Yet plastic that is harmful to health or short-lived is almost always easily avoidable! We have compiled all the important facts about plastic and the problems it causes in the Plastic Saving Book, together with over 300 instructions and ideas for sensible plastic saving in everyday life.

Saving plastic is good for the environment: Unlike petroleum-based plastics, which remain in the environment for centuries and harm animals, plants and people, alternative materials are comparatively harmless or even completely biodegradable.

Saving plastic is good for your health: While common types of plastic contain thousands of invisible additives that harm our health and the environment, natural materials as well as glass, steel & Co. are usually completely harmless.

Saving plastic is fun and inspires people to rethink: Become part of the ever-growing movement of people who care about plastic and who set an example for environmental protection and for our planet every day by making conscious consumption decisions.