Sergio Rossi

He is Ramón y Cajal researcher at the Environmental Sciences and Technology Institute of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), following more than fifteen years spent at the Marine Sciences Institute of Barcelona (CSIC).

Born in 1969 in Barcelona, he is half Italian and half Spanish, has a doctorate in Biology from the University of Barcelona, and is a consummate observer of nature.

He specialises in marine biology, and has been a member of a number of scientific expeditions taking him all over the world: the Antarctic, California, Réunion island, Chile and other destinations.

He is involved in various scientific projects, such as Eurogel (a European project studying the impact of jellyfish on fisheries and tourism), Filant and Climant (national projects seeking to gain a better understanding of communities of organisms in the Antarctic), Censor (looking at the impact of the ‘El Niño’ phenomenon on ecosystems) and the management of Protected Marine Areas and resources such as red coral.

He has published papers in a number of specialist research journals, and makes contributions as a reporter and photographer to various media featuring popular-science news (Público, Quercus, GEO, El País, La Vanguardia, Investigación y Ciencia, Muy Interesante and Inmersión, among others).

Together with Toni Polo he has written the ecothrillers Medusa (2007) and El cementerio de Icebergs · The Cementery of Icebergs (2010), both published by Plaza & Janés in Barcelona, and a middle-grade series The Krakatek-Team published by Ediciones B.