Carles Sala i Vila

Carles was born in Girona. He worked as a primary school teacher until he decided to leave teaching in order to devote himself to crafts and, most particularly, to writing.

Although a very prolific author, his works are created with great detication and loving intensity. His bibliography includes several books that have managed to win highly significant literary awards, such as the Premi Josep M.Folch i Torres, the Premi Barcanova, the Vaixell de Vapor and the Guillem Cifre de Colonya.

He finds delight in the way of thinking and the imagination of children, as well as in nature, though his real passion is his son Pep.

Aunque es un autor prolífico, es también muy intenso. En su bibliografía encontramos varios libros que han conseguido ganar premios literarios muy importantes: el Premio Josep M.Folch i Torres; el Premio Barcanova, el Vaixell de Vapor y el Guillem Cifre de Colonya.