Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual

Iria G. Parente (1993) and Selene M. Pascual (1989) are two young authors from Madrid and Vigo respectively.

In 2012 they wrote their first novel together, Paper Petals, which they posted for free viewing on Internet causing a sensation on social networks and among many readers.

In 2014 they published Partnerships (Everest), the first book in the trilogy Tales from the Full Moon, selected by Babelia/El País in their list of best books of the year for young readers, and awarded a ‘Templi‘ – prizes given by the young persons’ magazine The Temple of a Thousand Doors – for the best Spanish novel in the saga category.

Stone Dreams (Nocturna, 2015) is a self-contained fantasy novel which goes well beyond the conventionalism of this genre.