You shall not find the life you seek

Gilgamesh and the ancient epic

Before Achilles and the Odyssey, before Troy and Ithaca, before Homer and the Greeks…first there was Gilgamesh, the Sumerian king – hero of our oldest surviving epic poem.

Condensed in this work there is a vision of the world, of a lost civilization which brought us metallurgy, the city and, through its written legacy, revealed the origins of our culture. What became of those peoples? Did they disappear or perhaps melt away, becoming part of the common heritage of all humanity?

Eduardo Gil Bera takes us on an amazing journey in search of the footprints the Sumerians have left in the most unlikely places in the world and even in our own language. From the distant lands of Uruk to the Iberian Mediterranean, from Greek mythology to Basque traditions: the Sumerian footprint, like that of their king Gilgamesh, resists oblivion.

‘You shall not find the life you seek’ in addition includes an excellent new direct translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh also rendered by Eduardo Gil Bera.

Subtle, elegant and devastating, his version offers new nuances and interpretations of an age-old and enduring work.